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big hands I know you’re the one

So there’s some big assed hands sticking out of the ground in Chico.

This is apparently the skinny on those:

Our Hands: Municipal Center Building, East Plaza. Large hands made of cement and terrazzo with images of Chico embedded in them. (Donna Billick 2000)

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What the hell is it with ants at radio stations?

Back when I first started working for Wild and the Beach back in SLO we had this epic ant epidemic. Like you opened the freezer and a thousand ants had marched to their freezing cold death in the freezer. You’d turn on the kitchen light and it would look like the floor was MOVING. Insanity. We figured our building was built on some sort of ancient ant burial ground, but no, it was just out in the middle of nowhere, where all kinds of critters would be hanging out.

This is my third week in Chico and by week two it became painfully clear that we too are being overrun by ants. And these are weird HUGE mutant black ants and no matter how much ant spray we spray on them, they just won’t die or go away. We’ll get them out of one studio and they’ll move into another. It’s frustrating and kinda gross to be honest.

It was also kind of fortunate because I got to introduce the good people of the Chico radio group I work for to the ant eater meme. Remember these guys?

We now have ant eaters in both rock stations, but I don’t think they’re actually helping anymore than the ant poison. Nuclear mutant ants! I even tried the unthinkable this weekend… I cleaned the studio. I’m talking on my hands and knees with disinfectant wipes, cleaning the shelves. I was richly rewarded for this by stabbing myself in the finger with an industrial strength staple that was hidden up in the shelving unit somewhere.

Never let it be said I don’t bleed for my work.

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The last great San Luis Obispo mystery

When I was working in SLO at Mapleton part of my job was to cut up and load this talk show hosted by a guy named Karel for our AM station. Karel is an openly gay liberal talk show host and his show is GREAT. Seriously if you’re still in SLO or a market that broadcasts him, listen dude, he’s fantastic (he also pod casts!)

Anyway part of loading the shows was listening to his bumper music which for lack of a better word was always FABULOUS! My former boss and I would crack up at all the Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Cher going out over the AM airwaves, but Karel had this one song that Jo would sing all the time and we never knew who did it. Why I never thought of looking it up via the lyrics while I was still in SLO, I’ll never ever know. Probably because when we were joking and singing this song, I didn’t think two weeks later I’d be 300+ miles away.

At any rate, yesterday some conversation I was having with someone brought this song back up in my mind and I was determined to figure out who the hell sang it and I finally did! Yay me!



stuff i mentioned on the air

I think it was today, I was telling the story about one of the times I met Godsmack. I can’t remember if it was today or yesterday or five minutes ago. I’m just in a constant state of exhaustion these days. What year is it again? Who are you people?

Oh right, Godsmack. Here’s a picture of that.

This was in like 2000 I think.

A few years later they came to Santa Barbara and I met the rest of the band.

So there, my rock radio cred. Or something. It’s Friday and I’m beyond exhausted.

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Michael Jackson

Today is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackon’s death. I can’t say I was a huge Michael Jackson fan growing up. I recognized good music and that he made amazing videos and was a great dancer but I was more of a Prince kid.

However I do remember where I was when we heard that he died. I was sitting in the Black Sheep with Kristin and Todd and we were getting ready to go see Transformers 2 (which in hindsight we should’ve just stayed at Black Sheep watching CNN.) It was just one of those surreal moments that you will always kind of remember where you were. And that’s where I was.

This is my favorite Michael Jackson song. So here you go.


times like these

You are currently reading the blog of one very very tired DJ.

I had my first day on the air here in Chico today and while there were some hiccups and a few technical boo boo’s I made it through and even got some nice comments from some listeners. So I guess I live to fight another day.

I posted about starting my job at WiLD awhile back and how weird it was. I mean previous to walking into that building, I had never worked anywhere less than seven years. Seriously, I was at both of my previous clusters for seven years a piece and when I walked into the building out on Buckley a year ago, I wondered if that was where I was going to spend the next seven years of my life.

As it turns out it wasn’t, even though some of the friendships I built there, I can’t imagine my life without them now… So here I am less than a year later, starting all over again. Life’s a trip that way.

I still miss everyone back home terribly. Like more than you could imagine and more than I will ever admit, lest you Central Coasters get swelled heads. But today was probably the first day since I’ve been here that I felt in control of the things I’m supposed to be in control of and I wonder if being on the air was the missing piece since I got here. Probably, I’m a freakin’ ham. Since I don’t know anyone here yet, might as well talk to the microphone, right?

Next I just really want my house unpacked and set up. I want the epic amount of laundry I have to wash to be cleaned. I want my cable and internet on (although presently I’d settle for having my television plugged in and the dvd player set up!) and I want a bed. I’ll get all the other pesky things… friends, a social life, a hang out, a favorite sushi joint… it will all come in time.

Or if I remain as exhausted as I am today, that stuff won’t matter anyway, so either way, it’s a win-win situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hard earned glass of wine waiting for me at my house, along side of 98089787 boxes I still need to unpack.

This song has been in my head since I quit my last job.

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I was told the Deftones aren’t popular in Northern California. I find this odd. Anyway, I love this band. I’ve seen them play about 10 times at least, and would love to check out the tour for the newest album. We’ll see how things go.

Anyway, first day back on the air today. Hopefully it goes okay….