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yet again playing catch up

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I’ve been a bad slacker with this blog and I apologize. Between planning our party here at the homestead, working on the playlist and watching the Oscars and almost taking a nap in my yard afterwards, I have been a busy gal. No worries, I’ll just catch you up on my St Patrick’s day countdown

11- U2 – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

I love U2 which I know to some people makes me a dork, but they’re definitely the biggest band to ever come out of Ireland. This is a gorgeous song. Listen, love it. Be happy!


One thought on “yet again playing catch up

  1. Spotify & Tourism Ireland have teamed up to promote the ultimate St Patrick’s Day playlist. Cast your vote to help your favourite artist reach number one! (www.spotifyads.com/tourismireland)There is the chance to win a weekend away in Dublin for any UK residents who vote or submit a song. The playlist will be closed to entries on Sunday 14 March and the top artist will be announced on St Patrick's Day – so get voting!

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