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some of my favorite songs of 2009

It is no secret that I’ve been on a bit of a Lady Gaga kick recently and really think “The Fame Monster” was one of the most pleasent surprises of 2009. Almost every song on it has the potential to be a monster at radio. Plus this video? Insanely cool.


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Happy Holidays

So I’ve been lacking a little holiday spirit this year for many reasons, mostly that Christmas isn’t really my thing to begin with but money, being busy and it just not feeling like Christmas hasn’t helped much either.

But yesterday I got a Christmas Miracle of being able to shop for my family and a few of my friends and today I went out and picked up a few things and I am feeling a little less doom and gloom about the holiday season than I was last week.

I know Christmas isn’t about presents but it does make me feel good to be able to make the people in my life that I love know that I appreciate them and love them as well.

In case you don’t hear from me until after the holidays (yeah right, I’m a total blabbermouth) have a safe and wonderful Christmas.


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Brittany Murphy

Yesterday I read the very sad news of Brittany Murphy’s passing online before I headed out for the day. I have to say the news weighed on my mind pretty much all day even though I didn’t know her at all. I was however a fan, and I wondered what happened that could have caused this.

Last night I came home and watched “Clueless” for the first time since high school graduation and was surprised I’d forgotten just how cute and funny she is in that movie. And then I realized how many movies that I own and love that she’s in like “Sin City,” and “Girl Interrupted,” and just how sad the whole thing was.

This morning I was online trolling twitter and saw that Jojo had posted this video and I’d never seen it before and liked it so much that I figured I’d share it with you.

Why yes that is Brittany singing. I never knew that she did that. Plus how gorgeous is she in it? So freakin’ sad.

I’m ready for 2009 to take a big hike already. This year is depressing.

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my iPhone and me, a love love relationship

I just got a new app for my iPhone that I am in love with. It takes regular iPhone pictures and turns them in to “polaroids” which is endlessly awesome to me. It also changes the quality of the photo to be more like the old instant cameras. I’ve been playing with it all day and figured, why not share some of the stuff I’ve made

The original of this was taken sometime over the summer.

A few months ago I had a glass of wine up on a neighbors deck, this is when the original of this shot was taken.

The mixing board at Mo/Tav one night a few months ago.

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