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Happy Halloween

Sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I currently do not have internet at home, and living where I do that even makes blogging from my phone hard. However I had to make a run into work today for something and figured I’d take a moment to share some Halloween goodness with you.

Some of my favorite music is from the Halloween season. Now before I continue, I have to warn you… I was a big gothic nerd child / punk kid/ rock chick for a hot minute, so some of this stuff might be loud and crass (lol not the band) and not what you would normally hear in an office or public, so be warned.

That being said, let’s party.


“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus is by far one of the greatest and campiest songs ever. If this song doesn’t make you want to eat some candy corn or carve a pumpkin, I quit.

Christian Death covering the Velvet Underground. Delicious. There are better Christian Death songs, but I’ll let you find those on your own. Mostly because I can’t be responsible for the content. Ha ha.

Finally here’s what I went as to a party last night. Yes I took this in my bathroom.

Have a great holiday. Call a cab if you need it.


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So if you follow me on twitter you know that my good friend Teresa (aka @tlsquared) works here as well. After watching me jam my sort of expensive headphones (okay pretty darn expensive) into my purse day after day because I don’t have a locker here or anything, so decided enough was enough and made me a bag for my “cans,” as the radio folks like to call them.

This is so awesome. And better than the whole sticking them in a Crown Royale bag as radio jocks are want to do, because my headphones are too big for a standard Crown bag.

This has always been pretty funny to me since I pretty much have unlimited access to Crown bags since my stepmom works in a bar. I really should just start reselling them to other DJ’s.

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get some sleep.

This blog is brought to you by insomnia and my favorite thing in the world: Wikipedia.

Back when I was in grade school I was mad in love with this rap group 3rd Bass. I honestly loved their single “Pop Goes the Weasel,” and really still do, it’s totally in my iTunes right now.

Eventually I ended up working at the radio station that used to play this song for me constantly when I was 11 and 12 and by the magic of Facebook, this radio station is having a reunion next year, and I am BEYOND excited. And so when I couldn’t sleep tonight, I started YouTube-ing old videos from that era and looking up stuff on Wikipedia. Because this is this digital version of warm milk and a boring book usually…

Anyway, I decided to Wikipedia 3rd Bass. Did you know that Prime Minister Pete Nice
is not only a baseball fan but co-owner in a sports bar in Boston? McGreevy’s 3rd Base Bar is owened by Peter Nash and… wait… it gets better…. Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys, one of my all time favorite bands.

One can only assume this union means that Prime Minister Pete Nice is a Red Sox fan. And I have it on amazing authority (my own, while I was backstage sleeping on the couch) that Ken Casey, nicest man in the world.

What does any of this mean? Either the world is too small or I’ve always had really good taste. Or I need to sleep more. Either way here’s some music to enjoy…..



p.s. do you know who plays Vanilla Ice in the 3rd Bass video? Yeah, Henry Rollins.

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I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me


When I was a kid my grandma worked at the Broadway, which is what Macy’s is now. That was my first exposure to Hello Kitty. They had a Sanrio stand in the juniors department and because of that I had Hello Kitty in my life for as long as I can remember.

Later after Grandma Awesome retired, Hello Kitty migrated to Long’s Drug stores and eventually to her own (now defunct) store in the same mall where the Broadway was. I pretty much own Hello Kitty everything and I owe my friendship with this feline all to my Grandma. Much like my tuna recipe, my love for going to the “drug store” for fun and probably my love for Avila Beach.

My Awesome Mama D wants to take me to this: Hello Kitty 3 Apples. I might die of happy. I’m just sayin’…

Happy Birthday Kitty! I know you’re not real (hello, I’m 30!) but thank you for always being a part of my life.